Energetical Checking

The goal of the energy audit is to reduce costs, prevent the risk of default or fuel poverty, increase occupant comfort, and enhance the heritage.

In this context, the energy audit is a real decision support tool to develop your plan of action to reduce energy consumption in the short, medium and long term.

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Our approach is structured into 5 stages:
• Identify sources of discomfort and the main items of energy consumption to optimize

• Analysis of energy performance of existing from measurements campaigns (metrology) and numerical modeling tools. Interview occupants and teams in charge of the site maintenance.

• Tariff optimization: connection contract Erdf, reduced purchased power connection …

• Study of different scenarios energy improvement on the envelope of the frame, the equipment rate of return of function and their investment amount: Using the TEC method of ADEME

• Study of different scenarios of regulatory energy improvement: INEX experience in terms of thermal and environmental optimization, proven under heart of our business allows us to perform a quality control and suggest optimizations in order achieve a high performance building and comply with thermal regulations (RT Existing, 2005, 2012)

• Assistance in choosing the best technical and economic compromise for future buildings.

Thermographie facade
Thermographie - Pont thermique

Once performed energy audit, a summary report allows the operator to assess the quality of the building and determine the relevance of the proposed work.

Thermal Systems Checking

INEX intervenes when systems audit to specifically assist the operator in optimizing its energy systems when they are faulty or poorly optimized.

First, it is to identify the areas affected by energy drifting or discomfort characterized by its occupants. This stage includes the analysis of the plans of heating, plumbing, ventilation and cooling and the on-site audit of the different systems.

In this context, several parameters are collected on site measuring devices adapted to identify the origin of anomalies. This phase usually includes interviewing occupants, the service representative and Operations, as well as the audit of thermal comfort.
INEX accompanying technical teams on site during audits and proposes to coordinate the tests and verify the correct response systems.

INEX then falls in this case all nonconformities possible constructive coming to harm the user comfort.

The recommendations are about improving the use of the system in place ensuring that this is not impacting on operations.

Electrical Systems Checking

Electricity is a major cause of accidents in enterprises. The degradation of materials, production stoppages and electrical fires can have serious economic, health and environmental consequences. Maintenance of electrical installations should help prevent these risks to ensure the safety of people and to optimize the operation of the productive apparatus.

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