Air conditioning – Heating – Ventilation

Our studies include regulation, functional analysis, schematic diagrams, synoptic and all plans related to the supported facilities.


All BET missions HVAC:
• Energy audits
• optimization solutions for Research and improving energy efficiency
• Regulatory Calculations RT 2012 Thermal Dynamics & Simulations
• Building design Passivhaus
• Assistance in the implementation of these solutions
• Monitoring and conduct technical projects
• Operating Market Monitoring, maintenance or DSP

Air Conditioned

• Production of ice water.
• Ice storage.
• Thermofrigopompe and energy recovery

Distribution ice water:
• circulation pump sizing. (Flow and HMT)
• Calculate the volume of buffer tarps.
• Determining maintain pressure.
• expansion calculation and design of loops or sleeves.
• glycol volumes of Studies.
• Power Budget.
• Cold Offering by CTA, heater, chilled beam, chilled ceiling …
• Treatment of premises by VRV and VRF.

Design of heating systems:
• Boiler Sizing: propane, natural gas, biogas, wood, cogeneration …
• exchanger: urban network, superheated steam decoupling …
• Heat pump: water / water, air / water and air / air, geothermal energy
• Design of solar thermal installations.
• Sizing the free surfaces of passing high and low ventilation in the boiler room.
• Heat emission by: radiator, heater, underfloor heating, radiant tube, radiant panel, duct, CTA …


Sizing CTA:
• Hot and cold Battery.
• Energy Recovery, plate heat exchanger or wheel.
• Filtration, air washer, dehumidifier, Free cooling.
• Calculation Pressure drop of ventilation systems.
• Study Simple Acoustic.

Ventilation large volumes:
• textile sheath self-guided.
• linear diffuser drive.
• heater.
• air movement.

specific white-kitchen-laboratory room Ventilation:
• Calculation of the depression of the cooking area.
• Sizing hoods, induction hoods and kitchen ceiling.
• Identification of fire related to units under hood issues.

Processing and regulation of terminals:
• motorized damper, MR module …
• duct, humidifier, battery terminal …
• VRV and VRF.

Plumbing – Plumbing Equipment – Assainissement

Our studies include regulation, functional analysis, schematic diagrams, synoptic and all plans related to the supported facilities.

Production domestic hot water:
• exchangers.
• solar
• Electrical balloons
• Under steam station

Production of softened water for:
• Industrial Kitchens and canteen.
• Heating Networks.
• ECS Production.

Development of design calculations:
• Cold water supply, hot water.
• Waste-water removal, sewage, swill, hydro carbons.
• Dimensioning grease separator and starches.
• Sizing separator hydrocarbons.
• Sizing circulators
• Stormwater Drainage gravity or low pressure.
• Calculating the volume of stormwater retention.

Development of design calculations:
• Pressure drop of heating networks.
• Power Budget.
• Determination of the circulation pumps.
• Design of storage tanks
• expansion calculation and design of loops or sleeves.
• Snack pressure cylinders characteristics.
• Dimensioning expansion vessel or pressure maintenance …

Aide au respect des règlementations PMR :
• Barre de relevage
• Hauteur cuvette et vasque
• Renfort en cloison légère pour pose d’équipement de relevage.

Majunga - circulateur - INEX

Smoke extraction

Development of Fire Safety Engineering for the smoke is part of a well defined regulatory framework, the safety regulations applicable to establishments (ERP, IGH, Houses).

• Calculating the number of UP to determine the rate of extraction to implement.
• Determination of free passage surfaces for smoke dampers to meet regulatory airflow rates.
• Design of the turrets or smoke extraction boxes with notes of pressure loss calculations and those of extraction rates.
• Design of smoke evacuation in opening and (or) mechanical.
• Calculation of flow rates to meet the pressure of SAS.

• Sizing risers.
• Design of outdoor fire department connections.

• Restitution of degrees Fire crossings walls.
• PV Verification

• Our studies include regulation, functional analysis, schematic diagrams and synoptic related to facilities supported

• Calculation of power networks and potential boosters.
• Support the implementation and calepinage reels.

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