INEX assists building professionals, developers, architects and any type of business in achieving the general electrical work. We mobilize our teams of engineers and technicians for the study and implementation of electrical installations and that some of the size of the project.

Origin of plants and electrical distribution

The first step of the design is a power balance comprehensive building needs, in order to size the origin of installation, high voltage or low voltage, and a subscription to subscribe to the dealer . The design is then passed through the definition of electrical distribution principle scheme of the building, with the position of Tables General Low Voltage and different distribution panel, composition and routing type provided to connect these paintings.

Safety and reliability of installations

Balancing issues and phases of reactive power compensation are treated from conception to sustain the operation of the system, while ensuring the safety of users by defining differential protection systems, of grounding and surge arresters. The strong current division also developed expertise on solutions backup power , made through UPS or generator groups to design these sources and their location in the project.

Equipment and lighting equipment

The precise definition of equipment requirements and technical equipment can adapt their operation to the constraints of the building while ensuring ease of use for the operator and respecting the initial financial framework set for the project. Similarly, the choice of lighting solutions implementation in each area is justified by illuminating studies internally, while integrating the consumption targets and power installed associated with the environmental labels and certifications referred for the building. These fixtures are completed with emergency lighting systems when required, provided by independent units or central source.

Courant faible


Low current is an area both wide in the extended technical areas affected but both technologically very sharp. The expertise in the field of INEX low currents is detailed below:

La Sûreté

• La Sûreté englobant le contrôle d’accès, l’intrusion, vidéo surveillance, interphonie, la vidéophonie, la malveillance dans le sens très large (sécurisation des sites, équipements lourds de contrôle et de verrouillage).

Cette application est particulièrement adaptée pour filtrer, tracer et mémoriser les transactions d’accès et gérer les profils et habilitations / autorisations des personnes.

Ces dispositifs techniques de sûreté active viennent en complément de la sûreté passive résultant de l’organisation spatiale des espaces et des locaux.

Pré câblage

L’étude d’un système d’infrastructure de données permet de concevoir l’ensemble des réseaux de communication sur un site donné. Le choix d’un câblage très performant assure une vitesse de transmission et une qualité de signal permettant l’utilisation des technologies les plus modernes de traitement des données.

L’objectif de l’étude proposé au client permet :

• La banalisation du câblage au regard des applications véhiculées,

• La généralisation de l’innervation du câblage: Le pré câblage a vocation à innerver l’ensemble du bâtiment avec un dimensionnement permettant l’anticipation des besoins afin de limiter les interventions de « post câblage » toujours contraignantes,

• L’évolutivité : L’application des dernières normes et standards permet de concevoir une architecture la plus pérenne possible au regard des évolutions technologiques.

The fire safety systems

The fire safety systems contributing to the building security setting to limit the risk of panic.


The technical management of the building is a tool to optimize, organize and facilitate the operation of technical systems.

BMS contributes to the general reliability of operation of the assembly of a structure by centralizing malfunctions, thus offering operators a good knowledge of the state of operation of the facilities.

• It allows the steering controlled facilities, registration of movements, remote consultation by secure web interface, accounting for uptime and equipment malfunction (CMMS), centralization of operations, the drives on slices schedules or events.

• It can always know the status of the installation by provision and storage controls, alarms, technical defects and changes of state, control operating costs by making counting available power consumption, fluid.

Specific activities

Specific activities such as hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms, entertainment room (audiovisual equipment, sound system, video projection) … ..

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